There are 4 free courts played on a first come first serve basis. There is no structure time play - these are strictly on a drop-in basis to use the courts for your own pleasure. You must bring your own paddles and outdoor balls to play here. It is also a good idea to bring your own water. The City has also installed nice benches next to the building which will be in the shade for most of the afternoon during the summer, a "very nice touch".

Since there are no houses nearby, play can start fairly early to enjoy the cool mornings without having to pay for a club membership. As a suggestion, players should come to play for 0830AM, so that it can be possible for single or double players to find some good drop-in games.

There are public washrooms in the park area on the north side.

Please note the following
  • The Rutland Senior Centre has two squeegees for the outdoor courts if they are wet, and one large broom.
  • These items are owned by the City and are for use at the Kelowna City Outdoor Rutland Community courts.
  • You will need to ask the volunteer on duty at Rutland Activity/Senior Centre to lend these out as they are stored in the Kelowna city storage closet.You will have to sign out or leave a collateral for these items as we want to ensure they are returned.
  • The Kelowna Sports Centre located at the Rutland Hockey Arena has a few pickleball paddles and outdoor balls to lend out, but they are only available if the Kelowna Sports centre is open. Their hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 4 pm. If there is a staff meeting they will not be available as the office will be closed.You will also have to leave a collateral to ensure the return of the items borrowed.

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